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Clarks Rode Sandals

Style Information:

Clarks Rode are lightweight and stylish thong style sandal which can be used indoor as well as outdoor. These sandals give cute and chic looks with casual outfit. Its upper is available in Nubuck of leather which is soft and does not require breaking in. The sock liner of fabric ensures softness to prevent blisters. The foot bed is made from EVA which absorbs shocks and to enhance the comfort to its best. The midsole of made from polyurethane which is lightweight and provides flexibility to improve the smooth ride. The outsole is made from rubber which provides durability and traction. This sandal has the cement construction which makes it lightweight and durable for years to come wearing. It weighs 7 ounces as per size 7.
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Black Bronze Magneta Stone White

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Customer Reviews:

I love the style of this shoe. I was looking for a sandal to wear while on vacation in Italy and my friend suggested me to have this one. I was looking for a sandal which could give me support and appropriate comfort as I am on my feet for the whole day. I ordered this shoe as my friend said that this shoe is going to fulfill all my requirements. I ordered my exact and original size but it was a little tight. I wore it for a few days and it did break in. I am really glad that I didnít return these and gave them a try and they proved to be the best shoe ever. There is not even a single day when I didnít wear these sandals. This shoe is more like flip flop, but the fit is greater than that. The true test of this shoe will be on the vacations when Iíll be wearing these for hours and hours. I hope that theyíll keep my feet comfortable all day long.

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