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Clarks Wallabee Women's Boots

Style Information:

Clarks Wallabee Womens are classic shoes which have won the hearts of many people and it is still living to its name. These shoes were originally designed for the first time in 1965 and they are among the most famous shoes of all time. Its upper is made from leather which is super soft and it has the outline design of moccasin which makes it eye-catching. The foot bed is wrapped with leather and it is pierced which provides the breathability. The foot bed is well cushioned for day long comfort. The interior has the lining of leather which keeps the foot dry and fresh by drawing the moisture away. The outsole is made from plantation crepe that is genuine and ensure absorption if shocks to ensure super comfortable walking experience.
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Beeswax Brown Chestnut Chocolate Sand

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Customer Reviews:

I am in love with these shoes. I am a kind of a person who wear a single till death. My previous pair was very nice, but I had to replace them as they were dying. This is a perfect replacement. I found it a great shoe. They are extremely comfortable and also looks versatile. This is a very well made shoe. This is roomy and I like it as I feel more relaxed in these than. I like the retro look of this shoe which makes me look good and people often praise these. I am wearing it almost every day and will buy more of it in other colors too. Clarks really Rocks!!!

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