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Style Information:

Bring the elegant and style in your daily indoor and outdoor wear with the Clarks Un.squall. These super comfortable slides are designed to ensure the trendy looks and fabulous comfort all day long. The upper is made from premium quality Nubuck and it has the hook and loop fastener at the top to ensure perfect and personalized fit every time. The lining of lambskin prevents bruises for extended wearing and it also draws the moisture away to keep the foot in healthy condition all day long. The interior has the Active Airô technology and mesh vents which let the air in to the shoe to keep the foot dry and cool. The outsole is made from EVA which provides shocks absorption and flexibility for comfort in each step. The outsole also has the rubber padding which ensure traction and stability. It weighs 7 ounces.
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Black Nubuck Stone Nubuck      

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Customer Reviews:

I totally love Clarks Un. Line, I was looking forward to buy a pair of slip on when I saw these I found it totally amazing. The basic purpose of buying these slip on was to walk around in house as I have marble and hardwood flooring in my house. I thought to buy a pair of shoes that is comfortable to wear inside the house but it was so comfortable that I ended up wearing it outdoors as well, I go to grocery while have them on, walk my dogs in these, take my children out to play and they provide me so much comfort. They quickly became my favorite summer shoes, itís like I never want to put them off and wear anything else. Whenever going to any trip the first thing I know is that I will pack is these sandals. Very well constructed and lightweight these sandals can be a perfect pair of traveling shoes for anyone. In short they are the best walking shoes I have ever had with adjustable straps for perfect fit. I will miss not wearing them in winter.

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